Mystery shoppers assists you in identifying what drives the customers away and what drives them back in.

In a competitive marketplace where businesses contend for patrons, customer satisfaction is seen as a key performance indicator of business marketing and promoting strategy. Poor customer service affects your bottom line and business.

It costs about twice a lot of cash to draw in new clients than it will to retain associate existing customers.

Dissatisfied customers area unit probably to tell five to seven times as many folks regarding their expertise as glad customers.

The purpose of mystery shoppers is to assist businesses for increasing sales by assisting the clients for rising customer service awareness. Our services provide businesses with unbiased opinion of, how they are perceived by their customers. We search for qualified, professional people for our services by hiring and training them to compensate the shopper. We analyze the collected data and prepare relevant information required by our clients.

Meeting your objectives

  • Compliance – are your employees compliant with legal requirements?
  • Security – are your employees being honest while working on tills, giving receipts, not pocketing cash, etc?
  • Standards – are your employees following company laid-down standards and procedures?
  • Incentives – we will assist you find out the star performer among your employees by value recognition awards.
  • Competitor monitor – we will assist to benchmark you against competitors – by service, by price or each (within market analysis society guidelines)
  • Benchmarking – we will benchmark your service against best-of-breed corporations in their industries.
  • Training wants analysis – distinguishing weaknesses in the service chain that indicates training needs and confirm afterward however effective the coaching has been.
  • Continuous improvement – we have techniques, which give you with a perfect basis for serving to each branch or each employee to try towards excellence.